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Monday, August 11, 2008

Have a drink on Jim Uphold Sr.

While Harmony, and Becky were busy doing the kids games the three of us decided to play a game with the adults. The game was called 'Pass the bottle'. Jim Uphold Sr. had a bottle of apple cider that was fremented. He didn't really know who made it or where it came from but, he said we should take it and drink it at the reunion. So, we put in the beer wagon all day to get nice and cold. Then Echo, George, and Brandy took it around and everyone took a drink. George, and Brandy talked everyone into drinking, and Echo took the pictures.

Here's to you Pap!

Echo, Brandy, and George

George was first.

Brandy was second.

Echo was third. This is when we decided it would be a great idea to play 'Pass the bottle'.

We all know that Greg is a connoisseur of the finer things is life. So, Greg stops to smell the bouquet.

He takes a moment to sip.

And then the greatness hits him. Yum.

Yes Tim I am recording this.

Tim loves it.

Frank Plisko (Becky's husband)

Chickie (long time friend of the family)

Becky took a break from the kids to play with the adults. Happy Birthday Becky.

Yum. Julie thinks this is so funny.

Worley is some of our long lost family on the Parnell side.

This is George's not wife Courtney. Bottoms up.

Michelle wanted to play.

Judy who is almost family thought that this was a totally fun game.

Greggie is always game for a good game of 'Pass the bottle'

Timmy wasn't so sure that he wanted to play but, in the end he did.

Jeff didn't need any directions. His brother Ronnie didn't want to play.

Steve had a great time playing this game.

Steph got the last of the bottle. I also want to point out the fact that she was looking at one of the wonderful albums of old pictures the committee put together.

All in all I thought this was a great game. We are totally going to play again next year!

Thanks Jim Uphold Sr. (Pap) what greatness do you think you can send next year?

Monday, August 4, 2008

More family fun (Thanks Sam)

The following pictures are brought to you today by Sam. (Thanks Sam)

This is one of the pictures we had fun with at the reunion. It was like an Uphold version of Who's Who. I must say those are some of the cutest kids I ever did see. hee hee

This is Jim Uphold going in the fun.

This is Aunt Sandy showing the children how to get down like a Funky Chicken.

Barry and Margie sharing a moment.

Dance lessons.

The children loved the D.J.

Terri, Dianne, George, and Sandy showing them how it is done.

Echo never learned that it wasn't polite to point. Barry wanting to know what she is pointing at.

Barry and Sharon.

The Uphold Light Parade.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Us just sittin' around at the family reunion 2008

Now will someone please tell me what Dianne and Sharon's secret meeting was about. Just kidding. I don't know what they were talking about, and I don't know if it was a secret. All I do know is that they were having some adult private time, and I took the picture.

This is Amy and her Mother Mel. I did really talk to Amy, but I forgot to ask her what the baby's name was. Sorry Amy. I am glad that Mel remembered to come up for the picture.

This is Amy with her Dad Dave Humberson. I am so glad to have this picture. Amy says she is doing Okay. She and Troy are together and they are happy.

Ed Uphold. That is Noah James off to the right trying to blow up a ballon.

Butch Uphold and Dave Humberson

Tim Uphold, George Mitchell, Timmy Uphold, and Greg Uphold. One big happy male bonding moment. HaHa!

The girl in this picture is Ashely. I am not sure who the man is. If you know please tell me and I will edit this and include his name. If you tell me more than his name I will post that to. Thanks for coming Ashely.

This is Brandy and her Mother Terri. This was a nice picture of the two of them. I am glad Aunt Terri stopped singing long enough to smile pretty.

This is H.E. watching the guys play a fun game of 'Corn Hole'

This is Chip, or if you are Raynie 'My Chipie'

This is Greg, and Greggie Uphold. Ah! Father and Son. I wonder if Greggie likes to be called Greg now?

Terri and Tim Uphold. I know that Tim turned 50 this year. I wonder how old Terri is? It doesn't really matter they both look good and they love the reunion.

This is Mel and Margie Grubaugh. They are from Ohio. I am so glad that they trek down to the farm for the reunion. I always think of Margie as an Uptown girl. Her hair, clothes, and makeup are always so stylish even for a picnic.

This is Mel showing that even cool people know how to have a good time!

Betty Uphold, and Julie Show. Ah! They are having some Mother/Daughter time. Betty (My Grandma) told me that she loves the reunion. It really makes her happy to see us all together.

This is Chickie, and Ref. Chickie has been around a long time. After that much time you need to consider yourself adopted. Chickie was the one giving the golf cart rides to the kids. At first glance you might think he looks a little scary, or that maybe he played in a band called ZZ Top, but neither would be true. He just is and always has been a really nice guy.

This is George Mitchell, and his not wife Courtney. They have two very nice children. Briar who is going to be 7, and Kylie (i think that is the right name and spelling) who is still a newborn. I am so glad they could make it. I am also sure that they will be back. I love you man!

Aunt Cindy could not make it this year, but I got a really great picture of Aunt Sandy, and George. I can tell how happy everyone is just to be all together. 'Who Says You Can't Go Home'

This is Greggie and Judy. They are going to get married after Greggie graduates from Thomas/Jefferson College.

This is Michelle and Greg Uphold. You cannot tell from this picture but they are still madly in love after all these years.

This is Ronnie, Ronnie's wife (help and I will edit), Dianne, and Jeff Lytle. I know that Dianne is loving her 'Mother/Son/Daughter-in-law bonding moments'. I am glad that they could all make it. I do however, hope that Jason, and David will be able to attend next year.

This is Mel clowning around with Jeff Lytle.

Mel Grabaugh has always been to cool. He has a motorcycle, and my Dad (Butch) loves to fish with him.

Steve Hosmer. I think he has always been the tannest guy I know.
Stephanie took the cat home. I am so glad she got that poor kitty away from those children before the children loved the poor kitty to death.

This is Becky, and Harmony doing the kids games. I think they love the kids games as much as the kids. I am so glad that they do not ask me to do the kids games because I know I would HATE IT. Thanks Girls