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Saturday, July 31, 2010

$100 deck of cards?

Would you pay $100.00 for a deck of cards that didn't have any 2's or 3's? Well Uncle Greg sure did. It was the talk of the reunion for most of the night. I mean why would someone do that? Uncle Greg told my husband, and my sister's husband that he couldn't tell them because they were not Upholds.....LOL Now that is funny. So they came to me and asked me to find out since I was an Uphold.....LOL

The scoop is this guy in the orange shirt, Uncle Greg, loves the family reunion. He wants us to keep having the family reunion, and he just wanted to donate, and have a little fun all at the same time....LOL That's why we love you, you big lug....LOL
By the way this group of guys played cards until the wee hours of the maybe all in all it was a good $100 spent....

Is this Harmony or the Devil?

This is Harmony. She was passing out adult Jell-O....She is our ringleader. She does a fantastic job, and not enough Thank Yous are said to her. She is the one who really organizes this whole family reunion. She has help of course from others so don't be offended that I'm not mentioning everyone. I truly believe that she should be in the spotlight all by herself for one shining moment.

If you have any questions or concerns or apologies to make about this reunion you really need to speak to her directly. If speaking to her directly isn't comfortable for you, send a text, an email, or a letter. I mean it is the adult thing to do.

Now that that has been said we can move on with our lives...LOL

Also thanks to Uncle Greg, and Aunt Michelle for putting in the volleyball court, and letting us have the reunion at the pavilion at not charge. Thanks Greggie for the wonderful table idea in the pavilion. I know you didn't build it but it was your idea. Thanks to everyone who built the new picnic table in memory of James Uphold Sr. Thanks to everyone who brought yummy dishes. There is so much to say, but I am speechless.

Sittin' around

We get bigger, and better every year....
See that money tree behind Brandy. It brought in alot of money this year, and Bill won it.

They think they are cool...Well they are...
Judy, Michelle, and Katlyn

Katlyn always wanted a sister, and now she has one.
Michelle, and Greggie
cutest baby ever, and Glennie
Katlyn, and her new man.....Did you know that he doesn't know how to start a fire?....LOL
Big Tim, and little TimThis is the great meeting of the minds....


Some people actually read the invite. It said that you could pull your camper up, or set up a tent. Well Sandy, Cindy, and Stephie took us up on it and put up tents...However they didn't want to rough it all that much so they brought blow up thinkin' guys...

Right in the middle of dancing Harmony, and Becky thought they would take a quick little nap...LOL
Aunt Cindy thought it looked so comfortable that she thought she would join them...LOL

Lost and Found

I think these are Rosa Uphold's glasses that Becky is wearing...If you have the lense please call her she is looking for it....LOL

Friday, July 30, 2010

Memorial Ballons

This year we lit 2 memorial balloons at the family reunion. 1 was for Jay Shipley who passed since the last reunion, and the second was in remembrance for all those who have gone before. It was a nice thing. Uncle Tim didn't remember us ever doing this, but we started doing it last year. He was really looking forward to being able to see what the heck we were talking about.

I guess maybe next year Uncle Tim can try to stay awake long enough to see the ballons in the sky.....LOL

Activities for kids.....

The one thing you can really look forward to at the Uphold reunion is the great activities planned by Harmony, and Becky.....Thanks ladies....

This year was the year for Tye Dyed T-shirts.....
Disclaimer for next year...When the children's activities are set dye for tye dye...unless the adult in charge of the activity is present please don't mess with the stuff....We had some people (teens) who mixed, and threw all the stuff around and wasted and ruined the dye....But please by all means have a good time, just be respectful of other people's stuff...thanks.....

This is what happens when you don't wear gloves...
Dianne Lytle went and got some ice cream, and toppings and set up for the kids to make some yummy treats...I had one and I'm not a was super good!!
Brandy is always great to lend a hand whenever it is needed... and as you can see she is really happy to help....
Noah with George's puppy...guess what the puppy's name is?.....his name is Puppy....I love that name...
Briar with Puppy....Briar is George's son...

Uncle Tim brought up the ponies...they were a very big hit....

Last but not least...the biggest kid attraction every year is the redneck water slide...It just gets funner and funner....LOL

It's always fun and games until someone gets hurt....that's okay shake it off Rainey you are missing the funn....LOL

Everybody Dance Now!

We love the D.J.....but not as much as Aunt Cindy, and Aunt Sandy....They really danced from the moment he started until he stopped...I don't know how they did it....Sorry Bethany you were out done this year....LOL

Becky I don't believe your glass is big enough...LOL
George get down with your bad self....

Sandy, Cindy, and Becky
Dena, and Butch

Lucas, and Rosa

I do love that we have a D.J. at our reunion. It makes it so much more fun. The older ones love it, and the younger ones do too....I know there was some craziness this year about the music, but in the end it was just good clean fun!!