The Uphold Family
We are trying to find all of the descendants of Walter Uphold (Uppole) & Kate Matthews. If you have any updates email

Our Legacy

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today was the day. We made arrangements to meet with Pastor Don Matthews from the Pine Grove Church. The Church & Don were in a bunch of old pictures we found. We found them in an old box that Pap Uphold (JIM) had. We worked all day Saturday getting thing together on our timeline. With all of the old photos and information we have gathered we needed to organize it and start to put the puzzle together. We said lets leave at 8. Church did not start until 11 but we wanted to look around the area before church. Well after me not getting the kids ready until 9 and getting a little lost we arrived at 10:45 with no looking around. The Pine Grove Church is a beautiful church and they have a large number of adults and kids that attend. Seemed to be around 80 or so. (The Oak Grove Church is just up the road and Phillip Matthews (Don's son) is the pastor there. They has over 100 people today. So after nervously making an announcement that I was there and needed some help getting information I sat and anxiously waited. Pastor Matthews spoke about the way women dress today and it can cause men to have adultery mentally not just physically. The whole time he was talking about mini skirts and bikini's Becky is tugging on her skirt (because I can bet it is considered a mini. At least with her long legs anyway.) Yes Becky I had to put that in there. So after church a few members of the church approached us and was happy to meet us. Then we met a man Mr. Lewis. He married into the Matthews family. He said I have all the information you need. I have 3 volumes and you can look at them. we said OK and that we would get with Don Matthews and get them. Them we met Don Matthews when we really looked at him Becky and I said right away that is the man in all of the pictures we have. We were correct. After he answered some of our questions he informed us that he had a meeting but that he would show us when Mr Lewis lived. Becky and I laughed the whole way as we followed him down the road. Did Mr. Lewis think we meant today? He is going to think we are crazy!. So when we arrived Don drove off to his meeting and there we were at a strangers house. Yes a nice stranger but still a stranger. We knocked on the door and he laughed when he opened it. He said I was expecting you. We spent a few hours there talking about family and history. It was great to see a male interested. He told us so much then let us borrow 3 big binders full of information births,deaths,marriages,pictures. When we left there we went to Little Sandy's to Eat. Yes Becky I know you want me to put this... When I pulled out of the parking lot I was laughing & making fun of Becky and side swiped a telephone pole with my van. Need less to say the door no longer opens and my husband says it is a sign to leave the ancestors alone. We went right up the road 100 yards and stopped at the little graveyard along the road. We found Katherine Rodeheaver's tomb stone but I do not think it is the Kate we are looking for. We found many Rodeheaver's buried there and many that do not have markers. We went to several other cemetery's on the way home Oak Grove, Sang Run, Blooming. We will be going to the grave yard in Hazelton next week. We are searching for Kate & Walter. All those in favor of more information say I..iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Thank you for saying I. This really taked time and it can be confusing. My 6 year old was along with me for the ride today. At each Cemetery she fixed and picked and placed flowers everywhere. At the end of the day she said he legs were so tired from visiting the dead people and she bets they are all happy now since we came to see them. When we got home she asked me when we could go back to the cemetery. Only my daughter would find true enjoyment in this. (She gets that craziness from her father).
I have been at a dead end. I am trying to find information on Kate Matthews kids. I have contacted the Rodeheavers and they have been very helpful. I have spoken with Peg, Barb, Joey, Justin, Juddy & Tim. They have all given us information to get us started. We are preparing to go to church on Sunday. We have contacted the Pine grove Church the pastor is Don Matthews and he has been there since the 50's. We are hoping to get some questions answered about Kate. We are praying that they will lead us to more information about the Upholds.


Why did most of the family think that Norman was Howards father? After research we have found that the legacy was Norman, Walter Steven then Howard.
Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Walter died early but did everyone just forget about him? The picture on the far left is Walter Steven Upholee (Uphold) in 1917. (he died in 1919). Norman Upholee on the left.