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We are trying to find all of the descendants of Walter Uphold (Uppole) & Kate Matthews. If you have any updates email

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Friday, March 14, 2008

For those family members who have never seen this lady it is Kate Matthews-Uphold-Rodeheaver. She grew up in West Virginia on the Matthews Farm. Married Walter S. Uphold and had 5 kids. Rose, Dora, Howard, Gilbert, George. Walter died from complications of sugar (we call diabeates today). He died at the young age of 31. Now being a widow Kate reutrned to her family. At the time the only family that had room for her and her kids was Bert Matthews. Bert worked Kate and the boys to death. I'm not sure excatly why yet but Kate had to give the kids up. She was unable to support them. The boys were seperated and given jobs on different farms. I am still trying to figure out where the girls went? I really did not even know about the girls until yesterday. For some I can not find any goverment records on them. Jim Uphold (Kates Grandson) told their names last night. But that is all he said. The Matthews family and the Rodeheaver family were close even before the marriage of Fuller Rodeheaver & Kate Matthews-Uphold. Kate later married Fuller Rodeheaver and had 5 kids Marshall, Edith, Ben, Ruth & Jud. (Fuller was married once before Kate. He was married to ..?Feathers and they had 2 kids Bertha & Esta.) 10 KIDS WOW!. Becky & Harmony went to visit a pleasant Elder from the Rodeheavers. Mrs. Jud Rodeheaver. Kate was her mother in law. Even though she had never met Kate she spoke very highly of her. The rest of the information will be released in the 1st addition of the Uphold Legacy. All family members will be notified about this. Many old pictures of Walter, Walters parents, kate and Kates Parents. Baby pictures of their kids and stories about plucking chickens, bailing hay, stealing cigarette machines, pancakes, love, hate, birth certificates. remember all comments, pictures & stories are welcome.
The time has come. Each year we spend 1 month looking into our family history. Last year we spent time looking for descendants from Howard Uphold. Boy OH Boy. You would think it was easy but it was not.We contacted everyone (almost) but the Family members from Harriet Uphold-Savage were not easy to get in touch with. Some live on Uniontown and some in WV. We are looking more into this again. I called a gentleman from WV Doug Savage. All of the records and information I have found leads me to him but he keeps telling me we are NOT related. If anyone in the family had spoken to this branch of the family please contact the reunion committee

Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Response, Thanks Sam

So, I sent the email out to all the family I had email addresses for.

I just want to say Thanks, Sam you were our first response. Here are some of the pictures you sent.
Also, don't forget to send in weddings, graduations, births, ect. and I will be glad to post those as well.