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Friday, August 7, 2009

Sittin' around

When you tell other people outside the "Uphold Circle" that our family reunion starts at 2p.m. and goes until well after midnight they just don't understand. They say what on earth are yall doin' all that time? Well the answer is 'Sittin' Around' of course. We are a great big drinkin', lovin', want to spend all day and night with ya kind of family. The next thing they usually want to know is how can they be apart of it. There is only two ways:

1) you have to marry into the family

2) you have to be so cool that you are invited....

Glennie and his boys Tanner, and Trevor

Jen, and Sam

Jen, and Margie. Can you tell they are Daughter/Mother?

I always think of them as the uptown girls.

Greggie, Katlyn, and Michelle. Son/Daughter/Mother. Lots of changes coming up for this little family. Greggie will graduate from Washington Jefferson, and marry Judy. Katlyn will start school in the fall at IUP.

Greggie, and Timmy

Glennie and the little one.

Steph, Shiane, and Jay Jay with the puppies

Proud Grandpa Rich

Tim enjoying the auction.

Terri, and Brandy. Mother/Daughter

Betty, Jen, and Julie

Greggie, and Seth

David, and Ed. Nephew/Uncle

Maddy, and Rosa

Betty, Margie, and Julie

Bethany, Butch, and Noah. Granddaughter/Pap/Grandson

Jen, Rich, Seth, and Mel


Michell, and Tricia

Rosa, and Sam. Mother/Daughter

Echo, and Margie. Echo lost 50 lbs. since the last reunion, and Margie brought the yummy cheesecakes.

Dance Dance Dance

How low can you go?

When the kids hear this famous line 'Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack go under the limbo stick.' They know what time it is. Limbo time. Cindy and Sandy held the stick while all the kids (and adults) had a turn going under the limbo stick. I'm glad to see we didn't have any faces scrapping on the ground like last year. Cindy and Sandy did an awesome job at keeping the kids (and adults) under control...Hee Hee That's a pretty fancy stick they are using isn't it. Well its not exactly a limbo stick. It is Butch's walking stick. Thanks Butch.

Ha! Ha! I still got it!

Not only can Becky still get down, she can do it with a cigarette in hand.
If you can't get bend backwards just crab crawl.

Photos by Amanda Lankford

New family members

You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment. ~Dave Barry, "Things That It Took Me 50 Years to Learn"

Normally I would agree with this quote, but for these beautiful women we will make an exception.

Brandy, Jenn, and Tiffany

Show us those bellies girls..

Josh & Brandy Griffith, & Jen , Glennie & Tiffany Uphold

These photos are brought to you today from Amanda Lankford.